At SOTTOS, we believe in creating luggage that is as adventurous and resilient as our customers. Founded with a passion for innovative design and uncompromising quality, SOTTOS is dedicated to crafting travel gear that stands the test of time.


Our mission is simple: to enhance your travel experience with luggage that combines functionality, durability, and style. We are committed to making your journeys smoother and more enjoyable, whether you're exploring urban landscapes or navigating rugged terrains.

The Roll Model™

Our flagship product, The Roll Model™ carry-on, exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Designed with All Terrain Wheels, it effortlessly glides over any surface, from cobblestone streets to muddy paths. Built with a durable construction, it withstands the rigors of frequent travel, offering you reliability and peace of mind. With a lifetime guarantee and a 100-day free trial, we stand behind every suitcase we make.


Why Choose SOTTOS?

  • Innovation: Our patented axeless wheels and lightweight materials set a new standard in luggage design.
  • Durability: Constructed from ballistic nylon and aerospace-grade polymers, our luggage is built to last.
  • Functionality: Thoughtful features like oversized roller coaster zippers, a longer aluminum handle, and smart packing spaces make travel more convenient.
  • Style: Sleek and modern, The Roll Model™ complements your style while enhancing your travel experience.